Motorised Blinds

1. Why would I want to motorise my blinds? Motorised blinds allow you to adjust light levels and privacy at any time to create the atmosphere you want at the simple flick of a switch. Motors can be con trolled by a wall switches, timers, handheld remote s or home automation systems.

2. Can I put motorised blinds into an established building? Motorised blinds are suitable for most window types, old and new. In new buildings we recommend getting an electricia n to wire in the blinds during the building process . We know that this isn’t always p ossible in established building, and battery powered motors can be the ideal solution.

3. How do I choose the right motor ? Uniflex motors are very cost effective, and satisfy 90% of customer’s needs. For more complex requirements, such as timer control, battery power, etc, there is a Somfy motor to suit just about any situation. Somfy is more expensive, but it is recognised as the number one blind motor brand all over the world.

4. Are motorised blinds noisy? Both Uniflex and Somfy motors produce less than 35db, making them suitable for homes, meeting rooms and offices.

5. Can I control multiple blinds using one remote? Yes you can. A multi - channel remote can control up to 15 groups of blinds.

6. Do motorised blinds take up more room in the window? No, the motors are fitted internally into the blinds and use standard brackets.

7. Can I convert my existing roller blinds to motorised? It will depend on your blinds. Please call us to discuss the situation and we will advise the best option.

8. Can motorised blinds be put in a sloping or angled window? No they cannot. Roller blinds can only be made to suit rectangular shaped windows.

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