Sunscreen Roller Blinds

The simplicity of Roller Blinds in Block out, Sunscreen or Thermal Fabric is very desirable in today’s complicated world.

Our Roller Blinds can be up out of the way to maximize a view or are down to provide excellent light and heat control. Their versatility sees them used in any room of the house. They go well under sheers or thermal drapes if so desired.

Our Rollershades and Rollerblinds are custom made from our range of fabrics, including colours in textures, patterns, plains and new generation sunscreens.

Blockout fabrics are great in Bedrooms and TV rooms.

Sunscreens do a really good job of providing glare and heat control from direct sunlight while maintaining your view. New Zealand is subjected to very high levels of sun’s ultraviolet light and this harmful UV light can cause severe damage to your room furniture, flooring and curtains. Our sunscreen roller blinds are very useful for protecting your furniture and equipment from the sun’s harmful UV rays. You will be able to see the outdoor surroundings through the sunscreen blinds, while still retaining your privacy.

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